Who We Are..

We are a team of experts with an experience of 20 years in the retail industry, escalating the eastern, western clothing, footwear, sportswear and food, beverage brands in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Massimo is a fast-growing business development firm focused at unlocking the hidden values of commercial properties and brands potential across Islamic Republic of Pakistan, our leadership has the ability to support growing businesses market themselves effectively, from local start-ups through to established and international organizations.

Massimo's team has cultivated deep networks of relationships over last 20 years in the market. We know how to connect clients in a variety of sectors with the right people and the right businesses.

We are self-made entrepreneur, with a visionary eye for adding value and creating sustainable growth for all type of retail and commercial property businesses. Our hunger for success and will to win, has resulted in building many successful businesses and property empires in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We help organizations grow by providing proactive support and strategical planning for business expansions.
Massimo's bright and growing team is ready to welcome you in, listen and show you what we are capable of. Our leadership skills have helped many businesses of all sizes achieve their full potential whether they are local or international players.
It is not necessary whether you're expanding upon an existing brand or developing one from scratch, we'll help you stand out from the crowd.
We have the skills and expertise to help you refine your position and execute a well-considered business identity in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Evolving as you do. Originally founded by group of friends, Massimo Properties Pvt Ltd is now a proud, multi-talented team of business development experts.
Our team has helped many brands / markets and businesses to think differently, and most importantly, secure the future of growth. We have pushed quickly and organically, which we feel is testimony to the work that we are consistently delivering.







Every rise, every fall, every victory! We are in it together with our prestige clients.